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Payroll services are a lot of work and can easily be too much. Because between A (as in accounting) and Z (as in zero cost option) anything can happen that has anything to do with employees, their salaries and tax liabilities. We know what we are talking about: 18,000 payslips are processed by us every month. Accurately and reliably. And 24/7 (aka always available online).

Dominik Kalcher,
Tax Advisor, Managing Director

Classics from HÜBNER & HÜBNER

Our Services


From gross to net. From A to Z. You can count on us.

Contracts and lawyers

Employment contracts, bonus agreements, travel policy, management contracts, working time models, flexitime arrangements, etc. We advise you and draw up the right agreements.

Expat optimisation

Inbound or outbound – we provide services for the deployment of employees abroad. From drawing up contracts, registration and optimisation of social security to settling payments and filing tax returns.


Do you want to be on the safe side? We’ll check your payroll accounting in time so as to avoid any nasty surprises during the next joint audit of wage-dependent levies (GPLA). If an audit is announced, we’ll work together with the auditors on your behalf.

Travel costs

Do you want to revise your travel policy? Do you need advice and tools to efficiently manage business trips? Are you looking for a way to smoothly process your travel costs? We’re happy to tell you more about what we can do.

Only with Us

Outsourcing consulting

Are you looking for the best way to perform payroll accounting, for workflows and processes that fit your requirements and your infrastructure? We are on hand with advice, workshops and examples of best practice.

Payroll accounting

  • Preparation of monthly payslips
  • All collective agreements as well as payroll for expatriates
  • Monthly and annual reports to authorities
  • Clocking on and off
  • Payroll Check
  • Payroll advice
  • Absence register
  • Payment transfers
  • Collective agreement service
  • Final statement after contract severance, issuing of severance documents
  • Reviews
  • Work and fee receipts, wage and salary receipts
  • Management of any possible attachment of salary

Starting perfectly

  • All-round package for newbies
  • Advice for new employers
  • My first employee
  • Registration with authorities
  • Gross / net predictive calculations

Online Serivces

  • Travel costs
  • ePayslip (pdf)
  • Absence management
  • Online employee data for HR
  • Online flexiform
  • Online registration of new staff
  • Gross Net Calculator
  • Hübner & Hübner App (Apple Version)
  • Hübner & Hübner App (Android Version)

Employment law

  • Comprehensive personal legal advice (income tax, social and employment law)
  • Advocacy for tax audits
  • Audit “prophylaxis”
  • International co-operation / staffing requirements
  • Salary splitting
  • Optimizing service and management contracts
  • Social insurance law assessment of employment contracts
  • Social insurance law assessments of employment terms and conditions

Reports and interfaces

  • Payslips
  • Payroll accounts
  • List of transactions
  • List of transactions file for automatic upload (G / L File)
  • SAP interface
  • Reporting and quarterly Reports
  • Provisions for personnel costs
  • Pension funds
  • Bank transfers (SEPA)

Travel costs

  • Manual or online travel expenses
  • Electronic travel request
  • Electronic approval and release
  • Payroll tax and social security evaluation of expense allowances
  • Pre-paid tax / VAT handling
  • If requested, manual document control
  • Content review based on your travel policy
  • Data transfer into payroll
  • On-request payment via payroll
ePayslips every year
0 h
webinars and online live seminars
We have the optimum workflow



Online payroll platform. You upload your input (Flexiform) for the monthly payroll and collect your payslip, list of transactions, reports and import files online. No paper, no emails, complete data security.


The salary slip via web and smartphone. Your employees have access to their online payslip archive at all times. They can view and print current and past statements, as well as save them.


No need to write tedious emails containing monthly payroll data any more. Our Flexiform software provides a summarised overview of your employees’ data. You can make specific changes and automatically highlight sections in colour.

Absence management

Apply for vacations, sick leaves and other absences with just a few clicks – easy and secure.
Manage your absence file online, with digital workflow for comfortable approval and release. Clear graphics about all absences with a substitution plan.

Travel costs

Whether in the office, hotel room or while travelling via smartphone. Your employees record their business trips quickly and easily. With digital workflow. Travel applications and approvals are made simply by mouse clicks.

Only with Us
Our Promise.

These facts
speak for us

Quality guarantee

We want you to be fully satisfied. However, if for any reason you’re not, you only pay what you think is appropriate for the services received.

Fair and
transparent pricing

Prices agreed in advance to prevent any surprises.

First meeting

Free, but not worthless! Decide, risk-free, if we’re the right partners for you after a personal consultation.


Corporate data are sensitive. Protecting such data is our top priority. Our online platforms Accounting+ and 2file along with a well-established digital workflow ensure the highest levels of quality and security.


Powerful technology plus a human touch. Companies of all types and sizes around the world rely on ADP’s cloud software and expert insights to help unlock the potential of their people. HR. Talent. Benefits. Payroll. Compliance. Working together to build a better workforce.

For more information visit, Hübner & Hübner is proud to be a local partner of ADP in Austria.*

* ADP, the ADP logo and ADP A more human resource are registered trademarks of ADP, LLC

„Payroll Breakfast” event

Hübner & Hübner’s „Payroll Breakfast” event at Schönbrunn palace – a popular and valued forum for HR people.

Portrait von Kristina Schlechta
Kristina Schlechta, Head of Business Development

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